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Cannot Open Files Exclusively when Running 995

Added 10/09/02 - Article ID#: K000108


Error when running 995 - Cannot Open Files Exclusively


When the error message "Cannot Open Files Exclusively" is displayed while running 995, be sure that all workstations have exited RDP and the RDP Reporter.  With RDP Reporter open, and a report displayed, BTRIEVE files remain open and the availability file cannot be rebuilt.

To determine which workstations are still logged into RDP.

  1. Go to menu 99, 909 (List RDP Users), option 1 (View RDP User list).
  2. Check the workstations that still show in use.  If the computer is turned off, then turn it back on, log into RDP and then log back out.

Try running 995 again.

If the error still appears:

  1. Log all workstations out of RDP.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Change directories to F:\RDP (assuming that RDP is mapped to F:\)
  4. At F:\RDP>type DEL HF*.DAT (if RDP is mapped to a different network drive substitute the F in HF*.DAT with the correct letter)
  5. Change directories to F:\RDP\RDP01

Try running 995 again.

If the error still appears and your property is using Pervasive v9 or higher, the Pervasive monitor can be used to delete the locked users.  This utility requires knowing the server name, the administrator logon and password.

  1. From a workstation, click Start | Programs | Pervasive |  Utilities | Monitor
  2. Click Options | Connect
  3. Enter the server name, login and password.  Click ok. (You will know you are connected because the server name will appear in the lower right hand corner.)
  4. Click Microkernel | Active Users | Delete All Users

You should be able to run 995 now.

If you do not know your server name, administrator logon and password, rebooting the server will also clear the locked users.

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