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Change Descriptions on 370 Daily Managers Report and Statistical Totals Reports

Added 10/09/02 - Article ID#: K000105


Changing descriptions on 370 Daily Managers Report and Statistical Totals Reports



Use the following steps for changing the description:
  1. From the RDP Main Functions menu, select option "98" - "System Manager Functions".
  2. Select option "180" - "Update Report Structure".
  3. Select option "1" - "Update an Account".
  4. Select option "C" - "Change the description of an existing account".
  5. At the "Tb" prompt, enter "YY" to modify a general ledger account description or "XX" for a Source of Business Code, Market Code, State, Unit Type, Property Code, or Rate Plan.
  6. If "YY" is used then <enter> over to the "Account" field, and hit <F3> to find the general ledger account to be changed.  If "XX" is used then  at the "Tx" field, enter "MC" for Market Code, "PC" for Property Code, "RP" for Rate Plan, "SB" for Source of Business Code, "ST" for State, or "UT" for Unit Type, then <enter> to the "Account" field and hit <F3> to find the statistical category you want to change.
  7. The description is displayed along with a blank field below.  Enter the new description in the bland field provided.
  8. File the change.
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