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Modify Screens in RDP

Added 10/09/02
Article ID#: K000104


You wish to change the labels on the comment field on RDPDOS screens, such as reservations, owners, etc. D



Use the following steps for editing RDP screens.
  1. Exit the RDP system
  2. Open a DOS prompt and go to the RDP prompt, i.e. - F:\RDP.
  3. Change to the Forms folder by typing "CD FORMS" <ENTER>.  You should now be at the F:\RDP\Forms> folder.
  4. Use the DOS editor to open the RDP screen by typing "EDIT SCREEN NAME"

    RDP screens most commonly changed include:
    Screen Name Description
    RDP100A.SCR First Reservation Screen
    RDP100B.SCR Second Reservation Screen
    RDP200GA.SCR First Group Master Screen
    RDP200GB.SCR Second Group Master Screen
    RDP600.SCR Guest History Screen
    RDP200O.SCR Owner Master Screen
    RDP200T.SCR Travel Agent Master Screen


  5. Make the appropriate changes to comment fields.  Do NOT change field sizes or field locations.  Changing field sizes or locations will cause a BASIC Error 5.
  6. Save the changes by pressing the <ALT> key and then <F> and <X> to exit.  Enter a "Y" to confirm that changes should be saved.
  • Note:  Changes made to the above RDP screens do not appear in the "Inquire" mode.  Inquire mode is used from <F5> or when using any of the "Inquire" menu choices, i.e. - option 215 on the Group Master menu is "Inquire on Group Master".
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