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Toggling between Windows and Full Screen Mode

Added 10/04/02 - Article ID#: K000101

RDPDOS can be used in full screen mode or a Window.  Pressing ALT-Enter at the same time switches between the two modes.  full screen mode is not supported with Terminal Services, Citrix, or when using Microsoft Netmeeting to connect to RDP Support.

Links Related to Remote Access with Citrix or Terminal Server

Note: There are special steps required to install Pervasive on Citrix or Terminal Server.  See Pervasive Work Group Engine Required, Run as Service on Citrix/Terminal Server.  The work group engine can be purchased from RDP by calling RDP Sales.

Warning:  64-bit workstations are not supported for call accounting, phone actuator, maid phone, voicemail, and point sale interface computers. These programs still require the use of 16-bit MS DOS program, which is not supported on 64-bit machines. 32-bit operating systems are supported for interfaces.

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