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Seasonal Data Not Found

Added 10/04/02 - Article ID#: K000096


While making a reservation, the following error message displays:

"Seasonal Data C3-XXXX Not Found - Use RDP090 to Define Now"


In order to make a reservation, seasonal data must exist for the month prior to the arrival date, the current month, and the month after the departure date.  Use the following steps for adding seasonal data.
  1. Update to the latest version of RDPDOS to get the current version of the programs that fix this problem. See "RDPDOS Update Page"
  2. From the System Manager menu, select option "090" - "Update System Tables".
  3. Select option "U" - "Update Table Records".
  4. At the table number prompt, enter "C3".
  5. Enter an "S" for Sub-record.
  6. Sub-records in the C3 table consist of the last two digits from the year, and the month (YYMM).  For example, February of 2003 is entered as 0003.
  7. Complete sub-records for the month prior to the reservation's arrival, the month where the reservation will arrive and depart, and the month after the reservation departs.
  8. Enter the reservation.
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