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Stat Errors on File 91

Added 10/04/02
Article ID#: K000094


Any time a BTRIEVE error is encountered on file 91, use the following steps to correct the problem.


  1. Exit all Users from RDP and bridge computers except for one workstation.
  2. Run Option 994 on the System Utilities menu on File 90 (Bookhist.dat).
  3. Once option 994 completes, determine whether or not to replace the file or restore from backup.
  4. From a Windows 95/98 workstation, click Start | Programs | MSDOS Prompt or from a Windows 2000 workstation, click Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt.
  5. Go to the RDP prompt, i.e. - F:\RDP>.
  6. Go to the customer's data directory, i.e F:\RDP\RDP01>.
  7. Delete the Bookkeys.dat file.

    For example:

  8. Close the DOS window.
  9. Login to RDP.
  10. From the System Utilities menu, select option "910" - "Transfer to Historical Files".  Choose option "2" - "Rebuild non-active history".
  11. Enter "Y" to continue.
  12. Press <ENTER> for at the beginning and ending reservation number prompts.
  13. Users can go back into the system at this point.  However, be prepared for poor performance while 910 option 2 completes.
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