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No Show Charges

Added 10/04/02
Article ID#: K000089
Problem: Property wants to charge a no-show reservation

Use the following steps for charging a no-show reservation.

  1. Create a non-rental room (N/R) in the RDP system called NOSHOW.
  2. Create a transaction code using option 182 on the System Manager menu that credits the correct "No-Show Revenue" general ledger account number.
  3. Change the room number on the no-show reservation to the room created in step #1 above.
  4. Check the guest in.
  5. Post a no-show charge for the appropriate amount.
  6. Take a payment on the guest's credit card.
  7. Check the guest out.
  • Note:  The guest MUST be checked-in or else the no-show revenue will never be realized as a pre-posted transaction.
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