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Enhanced Property Code Features

Added 07/07/98
Article ID#: K000087

Prior to Version 12, Property Code was a multi-purpose field used in the following ways:

  1. As an accounting feature to have a single transaction code, such as room charges, be disbursed to multiple GL accounts based on the property code field.
  2. For determining availability displays, including 142 (Tape Chart), 143 (Display Group Blocks), 172 (Room Calendar Report), 173 (Group Master Room Block Report), 360 (Occupancy Forecast) & 362 (View Current Occupancy Forecast).
  3. As a "maid zone". Properties would qualify on a unit's property code in order to print various housekeeping reports by location.
  4. Group statuses for Tentative, Definite, and Verbal Definite were stored in the same table as property codes.

The Version 12 system maintains and enhances the features described in 1 & 2 above for the property code field. There is a new field for units called "maid zone" to allow the customer to do both property code accounting and maid reports independently. The Group Tentative/Definite status codes are moved to a new look-up table to separate them from property codes entirely.

Group Tentative/Definite Changes

Group Tentative/Definite status codes are no longer verified with Table R2. These codes have been moved to Table GS. The H1 data item codes (HF & HG) used on reports for qualifying groups have not changed. Data code HG has been modified to use table GS instead of R2 for the look up the description.

Summary of Property Code Changes

A new switch, #422-12 turns on the property code features system-wide. Prior to Version 12, the existence of record "00" in Table R2 activated the property code features. This record is no longer used.

The property code field has been moved to a new location in the units file. It is a display only field and cannot be changed using option "202" - "Change Room Information" on the Unit Master menu (11). With Version 12, table C2 determines the value of the property code field displayed in RDP200. A sample C2 sub-record follows. Note field #6 is now property code. And, all units added to the system with a unit type of "King Ambassador (KA)" default to a property code of 20.

General Ledger Enhancements

It is now possible to enter a "PC" in the offset accounts for the B1, B2, B7, and TAX1 - TAX4, as well as all G/L accounts found in RDP. This allows true separation of G/L accounts based on property code.  When this feature is invoked, room moves between property codes are NOT allowed.

New Switches for Property Codes

There are two new version 12 switches pertaining to property codes:

  1. #422-12 - Turn on Property Code Features System Wide
  2. #422-13 - Display Property Code Instead of Base in Room Listing

The first switch activates all property code features in the system, including the ability to add a "PC" account number to an offset ledger account. The second switch changes all available rooms display screens in order to show the unit's property code as opposed to the base number of guests. An example follows.

Switch #422-13 = NO

Switch #422-13 = YES

Room Moves and Property Codes

With the property code features activated in Version 12, the system automatically determines if room moves are allowed. The determining factors are the general ledger account numbers assigned to the offset ledgers (B1 - TAX4). If any ledger accounts contain a "PC", the system does NOT allow room moves from one property code to another.

Room Moves for Future Reservations

If the reservation is type 1-4, and there is no paid deposit, room moves are processed normally. Because there are no real transactions associated with the reservation, the general ledger has not been updated, therefore a room move is allowed between property codes. On a future reservation, the only possible actual transaction is a deposit. Pre-posted transactions are realized in the accounting totals upon check-in.

The property code is displayed on the second reservation screen, in the upper right hand corner.


The following data items have been added or changed with the new features for property codes and maid zones.

Data Item New Description
11 Yes Selected Property Code & Description: Displays only if using Prop. Code feature and Table H0, Field #10 is Yes. This data item is put in the header section of the report.
A~ Yes Property Code: From the Units File
A! Yes Property Code: From Master Files 71, 73, 74, 76
AF No Renamed from "Property Code" to "Maid Zone"
AG No Renamed from "Property Code Description" to "Maid Zone Description"
C% No Property Code: Uses unit type on Res. to get the property code from Table C2
HF No Group Status: Was Group Property Code
HG No Group Status Description: Was Group Property Code Description
N, Yes Property Code on Transaction (Based on Unit Type field)
N- Yes Unit Type on Transaction (We never had this data item before)
PY No Property Code: Guest History
PZ No Property Code Description: Guest History
Q\ Yes Property Code: From the Statistics. File
R\ Yes Property Code Description: From the Statistics File

New Statistical Reports

Two new statistical reports can be printed from menu 4.

  1. 396 Revenue by Property Code - Totals
  2. 397 Revenue by Property Code - Detail

To Enable

Use the following steps for implementing the property code features described above. Please contact RDP Support with any questions.

  1. Set switch 422-12 to "Yes"
  2. Build the R2 table with the required Property Codes
  3. Add the Property Code to field #6 for every Unit Type in the C2 Table
  4. Run RDP995 to set the PC on all units based on field #6 of the unit type in Table C2
  5. Add all GL Account numbers using 182-6, include accounts for all PC combinations.  For example if your room revenue account is 40200 and your property codes are 01 and 02, you need to add the GL accounts 4020001 and 4020002.
  6. Using 182-1 set the offset accounts using the PC logic for the desired accounts
  7. Using 182-2 and 182-3 add/change the Transaction codes and GL accounts as desired.  When updating the transaction codes use the GL account plus PC.  For example if you have a movie rental GL that is 41300, you will want to change the movie transaction  component to 41300PC.

  8. If the RN module is installed, the room revenue GL account is tied to the rate set.  To update the rate set go to menu 98, 186, option 4.  Update field 10.  When asked to "Change the G/L Account for the entire rate set 10DC" answer Yes.

To Disable

Set switch #422-12 to NO

Conversion Issues

  1. During conversion to Version 12, the RDP952 conversion program copies all entries in Table R2 (Property Code) to Table MM (Maid Zones), making any entry in the old property code an entry in the Maid Zone field.
  2. If Property Codes are to be used for accounting or availability, the property codes should be entered for each unit type in Table C2 after running RDP952 and prior to running RDP995.
  3. Custom reports should be modified, if needed, to change field #10 in Table H0 to "Yes" if the prompt for property code is desired.
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