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Market code hierarchy - How a market code is 
assigned to a reservation

Added 09/20/02
Article ID#: K000073

A market code is assigned to a reservation based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Rate Plan

  2. Group Master

  3. Guest History

  4. Reservation Type

  5. Prompt

  1. RATE PLAN:  When making a reservation, the first place RDP looks for a market code is in the Rate Plan.  In the rate plan setup (Menu 98 | 186 | Option 2) if field 7 has a market code defined, then this will be the market code assigned to the reservation.  If field 7 is left blank, then RDP looks next at the Group Master. 

  1. GROUP MASTER: If a group master has been attached to the reservation, then RDP uses the market code assigned to that master.  If there is no group master assigned to the reservation, then RDP looks at the Guest History record.

  1. GUEST HISTORY:  If the guest is a returning guest and has a guest history record, then RDP uses the market code saved on the guest history record.  If there is no guest history record, then RDP uses the default Reservation Type Market Code.

  1. RESERVATION TYPE:  Market codes are defined in the CF table.  By default the following codes are added to every RDP system, PN, XN, and MN.  (There may also be TN, ON, BN, SN, and RN if the Owner Module or Timeshare Module is installed.)  

    If a Preassign reservation is made and the market code PN exists in the CF table, then PN will be the market code assigned to the reservation.  XN is used for maintenance reservations and MN is used for multiple folios. (TN for timeshare owner, ON for owner, BN for bonus nights, SN for split nights, RN for RCI nights.)  If any of the "default" market codes are deleted from the CF table, then the user will be prompted for a market code. 
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