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Posting a Transaction Error: No Text Found in Help File

Added 09/20/02
Article ID#: K000072


When posting a transaction, the following "No Text Found in Help File (100b00009)" error may appear:

Cause and Verification

This is an indication that the components of the transaction code are corrupt.  To verify, Menu 98-Option 182-3 to Change transaction.  In this example, access the B265 code.  In the component section, note the component number "0c".  Components are typically numbered 01, 02, 03, etc.  If alpha characters are present, this is an indication of corruption.


Using 182-4, delete the entire transaction code, then re-add the code with 182-2.  Deleting records in the PK table, then modifying/adding the components using 182-3 can be used to limited extent, and is not always successful.  In the case of serious data corruption/data loss, a full restore would be recommended. 

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