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Freeing conventional memory

Added 12/28/98
Article ID#: K000070

In order to operate the RDP system, a workstation must have at least 530K of free conventional memory (after loading the Pervasive requester).  

Use the following command to determine the amount of free conventional memory.

After pressing <ENTER>, the following information displays.

The "Largest Executable Program Size" lists the amount of free conventional memory.  Reference the number in parenthesis (598K in this example).  This number must be at least 530K AFTER BTRDRVR/BDOSTUB/BREQUEST is loaded.  

Editing the CONFIG.SYS File

Free conventional memory by editing a workstation's CONFIG.SYS file.  RDP recommends adding the following lines:

By adding the above lines to a workstation's CONFIG.SYS file, additional conventional memory is available, illustrated by the "MEM" command listing below.

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