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Basic Error 76 Line 3260 Module 132-SDC trying 
to take a credit card payment

Added 08/28/02
Article ID#: K000067


When taking a credit card payment, the error "Basic Error 76 Line 3260 Module 132-SDC" will appear if the network drive mapped to the RDP directory does not match the path in Southern DataComm Settings.


  1. From the RDP Main Menu choose Menu 98, System Manager Menu

  2. Choose option 192, Southern DataComm Setup/Utilities

  3. Choose option 2, Configure Interface Settings

  4. Make note of the network drive mapped in fields 2 - 6.  In the example below, the F drive is mapped to the RDP directory.

  5. Exit RDP

  6. Right click on the Windows Start button

  7. Left click Explore

  8. On the left half of the screen look for the network drive mapped to the RDP folder.  RDP must be mapped to the same drive letter found in step 4.  If it is not, re-map the network drive to the correct drive letter.

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