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Maximum Number of Menu Records (75)

Added 08/28/02
Article ID#: K000066

Each Menu in RDP is an unique 2-digit table, most commonly beginning with the letter X.  Menus list available actions (posting, check-in, process owners, etc) as well as available reports (712-Arrival Report, 716-Departure Report, etc.). In addition, Power Levels may be assigned to each to limit access by individual employees. Tables are accessed by 99-090-Update.  


Each table may have a maximum of 75 records trying to display at one time.  The following message is displayed:


Identify the table, and access thru 090 - Change System Tables.  Delete unnecessary menu sub-records.

Following is a list of the most common menu tables.  

Table Description & Contents
R0 RDP Main Menu:  All menu selections, divided by department or function.
XX Reservation Action Menu: New reservations, changes, and cancellations.
XY Front Desk Action Menu: Check-in, check-out, posting, and all guest functions.
XZ Night Audit Action Menu: Room & tax posting, manager's reports, and close day.
XR Reservation Reports Menu: Reservations made today, IRM reservations, and more.
XF Front Desk Reports Menu: Shift reports, telephone operator list, and more.
XN Night Audit Reports Menu: In-house guest ledger and other balancing reports.
X4 Statistical Reports Menu: Detail and Total Reports for actual occupancy counts.
X5 Forecast Reports:  RDP920 to generate forecast records & related reports.
X6 Group Action Menu: Group Masters, blocks, statements, and group reservations.
XG Group Master Reports: Various letters and group detail reports.
X9 Past Guest History: Add, change, delete guest history and mailing labels.
XH Housekeeping Menu: Change room status, tape chart, and reservation inquiry.
XV Housekeeping Reports Menu: Reports for vacant, dirty, cleans, and stayovers.
XO Owner Action Menu: Owner masters, postings, and statements.
XQ Owner Reports Menu: Mailing labels, letters, details, and transaction summaries.
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