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No Rate Set Defined - Incorrect nightly room charge posted to a reservation

Added 08/28/02
Article ID#: K000063


The nightly room charge posted to a reservation shows the wrong room number, wrong rate or wrong package.  In the example below notice that Jack Nicklaus is in Room #110, yet the Nightly Chg description shows Room 104.

The reason the above occurred was the room rate set was not defined for this particular room type.  This problem should be caught when the 212 Review is run.  Notice the column Status of Today's Posting.  Room #110 says "No rate set defined."  The night auditor should be reviewing this report and noting any message other than "Post OK".  

In this particular example, the 212 posted the last valid room and tax posting which was Room #104 to Jack Nicklaus' reservation.


Define the rate set for the missing room type.  

  1. Menu 98, System Manager

  2. Option 186, Maintain Variable Packages

  3. Option 4, Room Rate Set

  4. Add the Room Rate Set for the missing room type.     

In addition you will need to correct the reservation that had the incorrect room posting. 

  1. Check the rate posted.   Was the correct dollar amount posted?  If not, adjust rate by using F7 to view the transactions and then F8 to override the rate.

  2. Adjust statistics.  In the example above Jack was on the rate plan RACK, but the statistical revenue went to the GRP1 rate plan.  To adjust statistics go to Menu 98, option 184, option 8.

For further assistance please call support at 970-845-7108.

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