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RN Module (Enhanced Rates and Packages) Required for Rate Calculation by 3/31/2003

Added 8/28/02
Article ID#: K000062

Enhanced Rates and Packages Warning

As of 9/1/2002 the following warning screen displays on all RDP systems that do not have the "RN" - "Enhanced Rates and Packages" module installed:

The RDP system was originally installed in 1982.  Over the last 20 years the methods used to calculate rates have continued to improve.  The current method is to use "RN - Enhanced Rates and Packages", which contains all the capabilities of previous rate calculation methods and many additional features.

Most RDP customers use the "RN - Enhanced Rates and Packages" method to calculate rates.  However, some customers continue to use one of the older, less efficient methods.  It is critical that all customers convert to the newer rate calculation method for the following reasons:

  • The Enhanced Rates and Packages module (RN) has many more features and capabilities than the older methods.
  • The Interent Reservation Module (IRM) only works with RN. So by converting to the RN module you will be able to use the IRM at some point in the future.
  • RDP's latest software, RDPWin, only works with RN. The RDPWin product uses a full graphical user interface (GUI) with a Browser front end.   RDPWin supports multiple fonts, graphs, pictures, as well as hundreds of new features.  To take advantage of all the great new features in  RDPWin you must have the RN - Enhanced Rate module installed.
  • It has become increasingly difficult to train RDP support personnel on all the old methods of rate calculation. 
  • RDP will continue to support all old methods of rate calculation until 3/31/2003.  After this date RDP will no longer be able to support your system.  Please call RDP Sales to discuss changing your system to "Enhanced Rates and Packages".  
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