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RDP's Program Libraries

Added 08/14/02
Article ID#: K000058

Run Time Library

The run time library is the physical RDPxxxx.EXE (i.e. - RDP1202) file. When any RDP program is started from the DOS prompt, the program's EXE tells DOS to load the RDPxxxx.EXE into memory. This library is unloaded from memory when RDP is halted and control returns to the DOS prompt. The RDPxxxx.EXE file contains many standard Microsoft BASIC functions, including accessing a file on the disk and taking the absolute value of a number and other math functions.

Along with the standard Microsoft BASIC functions, RDPxxxx.EXE includes third party routines like Pervasive calls. RDP also adds our own routines, including Look, Help, and Get Input. All of these routines constitute a "User Defined Run Time Library" because we add to the standard BASIC run time library. The reason we put RDP routines in the run time library is because they can then be accessed throughout the system. With these routines included in the Run Time Library, accessing them is quick because they are already in memory.

Once the Run Time Library is changed, all programs must be compiled into the new library. This tells the programs where to find the various functions (both BASIC and RDP) in the library. If the library would change and the programs were not compiled, the location of the library routines would be different and the programs would not be able to find important information, and BASIC issues an "Incompatible Run Time Library" message.

Call Library

The call library is a collection of standard routines. These routines are not used by all programs and as such are not included in the Run Time Library. An example of a routine in the call library is "Set Availability". This is only used by a small set of the programs, including RDP100, RDP120E, RDP128C, and RDP110. When RDP changes a call library routine, only the programs that use that routine must be recompiled.

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