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C1 Table: Contains sub-records used to 
activate custom features 

Added 06/27/02  
Updated 7/3/12
Article ID#: K000050

Table C1 Sub-records that change the behavior of the RDP system.

Record Description
100C Password for 109 switches
100Y Set the Maximum Number of Unit Types that will be loaded in RDP100G
102DEP If this sub record exists, the deposit date and amount prompts will be displayed in RDP102 (RDP12.02)
103 No Longer Used in 12.02 or Higher:   RDP102 - IF "S" then deposit date & amount default to 0
110 RDP110A - Cancellation Number
110C Password for 319 switches
128E-R Configurable Starting field number for Reserve Additional Room in RDP128E. Valid field numbers are 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 which is stored in the first byte of the data portion of the record (9,1).
130 RDP130 - Early Departure password
130DCP Printing folios in compressed print.  C1 130DCP will override the default of not printing compressed and allow compressed pitch for folio if the selected printer has the Esc codes defined in 096.
140MIN Any inventory number less than the number in the special data will cause the system to show the inventory number in red in both 143 and the 100C inventory display seen when making reservations.  Without this record, the system defaults to "1", so a zero availability will show in red. To only show negative numbers (overbooked condition) in red, put a "0" in the special data field.  Must restart RDP000.
143N/R Allow N/R room types to appear on the 143 screen.
170OVR Default for showing overbooked groups only on report 173. In the data portion put the default "Y"=Yes, "N"=No. The prompt is "Show groups with Zero or Less Availability in their block? (Y/N)".
180 RDP180 Switches
182 For RDP use only - Allows RDP Employees to add system codes
Bx00-Bx20, BxDx, BxSx rather than having to use RDP090.
1GLDEF For new group masters, use "No" as the default for the "1 group leader per master field".
200 Password: Program 200, Groups, Field 22 (Turn off group billing)
202 Room Value = VAL(MID$(FBuf$,9,8))
212DLY Displays/Prints Daily charges on 212 Posting Log
220FOL Folio Code override for RDP130D when called by RDP220.
220GL Prompts for group leader reservation number so all folios (and all transactions - I & L) for a group leader can be printed.
318 If this exists then the header for transactions does not get printed by the folio printing programs (RDP130D and RDP220)
330 Do Not Use - V9 Code
360LOG Add Subrecord 360LOG to the C1 Table and it will log each reservation to the RDP360.LOG file in the RDP data directory (i.e. RDP01).
362 362 System wide refresh frequency
362MAX 362 Max records retrieved by Extended calls
362RP 362 Default Rate Plan used for listing Rooms with F12
363 Cut-off times for the RDP363 report (Double J)
450PC This is a flag to use the Property Code description from Table R2 on the "Total balance due" line of Owner & Agent statements instead of the customer name (For Bob Bradley).
710PC V11.00 Only - Prompt for property code in the RDP710 program.
900 Last transaction sequence number exploded to TOTALSyy file
902 35,8 = Date 902 is to be run on (Set by RDP900)
45,8 = Last Sequence Number processed by 902
910 Default number of transfer days
912 RDP912 switches
912C Password for RDP912 switches
912PNP (No Longer in Use: 912 always prints no prints) - If exists, Print No Prints on 912, otherwise they're skipped.
930 RDP930 switches
930C Password for RDP930 switches
995CNF RDP995 will rebuild key #2 of file 80 based on the value of field #33 - (Print Confirmation Y/N). If a "NO" then the reservation will be removed from the key. If a "YES" then the reservation will be added to the key. This is a 10.08 only flag, it is not used in 10.07 or needed in 11.00.
995DNS RDP995 removes all no shows (Arrival < Today-X), where X is the number in the data field of this sub-record.
996ALL RDP996 Recalc masters from the 1st transaction not the 1st D@
996ROB RDP996 Reset open balances on masters to zero. Put last running balance into open balance field on last transaction.
99600 RDP996 Deletes all 00 codes & adds one 00 code for the room charge on the res for all reservations less than 9.  Normally, this only happens for reservations less than 5.
ABACUS Enter valid path for description. Files created from 222 and 370-downloads will go to the directory path specified in the description. (Standard Club see also C1 Club)
ADDGST Default for "Add this guest to guest history? (Y/N)    <Enter>= ?   In special data field put an N for No otherwise the system will default to yes.
ADDPKG RDP996 will delete/add variable rate plan transactions on reservations.
ADDPRE Add to the pre-authorized amount:
$50 - If the 1st character in the data field is a "$", then the following amount is a flag dollar amount that will be added tp the individual amount on the res.

%15 - If the 1st character is a "%", then the following number is viewed as a percent (no decimal needed). So if the individual amount is $100, the pre-authorized amount will be $115.
AUST RDP Australia - See SysSwitch%(23) - Prints different Splash Screen
AUTH<5 Feature for Gastehaus Schmidt to allow Credit Card authorizations on reservations prior to check-in using the Credit Card interface.
AVAIL Prompt for Facility Label value as filter for availability listing.  Put facility headings in the data portion with no separators.  (Example: "B#1B#2N/S"). Please note that 10.07 only allows 1 qualifier and 10.08 allows all qualifiers. Pressing <Enter> at the prompt will show all of that qualifier. Pressing <PgDn> (V10.08 only) will
skip all remaining qualifier prompts.
BASE If exists, allows access to the base field on the unit master.
BALREQ Password for RDP130B - Check-out: Must pay folio balance in full.
BLITIN Make "Itinerary" (F8) blink when there is an itinerary. (Version 12.00).  Must restart RDP000.
BLNOTE Make "Notes" (F6-Notes) blink when there is a note. (Version 11.01).   Must restart RDP000.
BLLOOK Make "Look" (F3-Look) blink. (Version 12.00).  Must restart RDP000.
BLINV Make zero availability blink. (Version 11.00).  Must restart RDP000.
BROAD Referenced by the Broadcast routine that sends messages over the NetWare LAN. The text in this record allows us to customize the syntax which may change for different NetWare versions.
CCOVER Ver. 12.00 - HalfMoon & all other Jamaican customers. Allows changing of the credit card field after the CC number is entered. This allows them to change the standard VISA to VISAL which is their local VISA card.
CICO Turns SysSwitch%(2)=TRUE and puts a record Check-in/out record in the HOUSE.DAT file.
CLUB Standard Club. Allows T and G type reservations, Importing and exporting with the 222 option to and from Abacus. Allows Group G and T type reservations in 102. Search SysSwitch%(38)
CKIPMT RDP100 & RDP128B - Check-in prompts for Comment-8 and Comment-14. Put the text in as "PROMPT1,PROMPT2". If this record is not found, then "Comment-8" and "Comment-14" are used as prompts. (See Switch 421-6)
CNTRY Country default for 100. In the data portion of the sub-record, put the default country (up to 12 characters). Whatever is entered will appear exactly in the reservation record, capitalize as needed.
CONDO For Angel Fire: Adds the Owner/Guest of Owner options to RDP100 on a TCS system
CONST1 Allows a constant to be defined for reports (Data Item 15). This constant can then be used with math operators on reports. Place the number in the first 8 characters of the data portion of this record.
COTIME RDP130B - First four bytes (9-12) is the starting byte location to put the time of check-out on the reservation record.  Byte 14 is the length (2 will stamp the hour only i.e. "13") If this is not specified then the length will be 5
(i.e. 13:02)

This allows the time to be put on any comment field NOTE: If switch 219-10 = NO then this record is ignored
If switch 219-10 = YES and this record is not found then the time will be put in Comment-2
CRLIM1 Default credit limit - Credit card
CRLIM2 Default credit limit - Cash (No CCard on res.)
CRS Flag indicating central reservation system
CRS370 Allow 370 and 900-Explode from Central Reservations (For Long Bay V11.01)
CRSBC Central Reservation Billing Control
CXLTXT Data portion is any prompt that will appear when a reservation is cancelled.  See MR # 000981
DAILY Stores the transaction codes to be posted daily (Max of 10)
DEBUG Turns on logging to RDPLOCK.LOG file via the RDPRELLT sub-routine which is used to track and unlock locks and Btrieve transactions.  See MR #001873
DFRATE Default rate plan when switch 425-3 (Go direct to room selection on new res) is set to Y.  Default is normally RACK. See MR #001628
F4F3 Automatic F3-Look after F4-User Help. Skip INDEX.HLP
FLAT Data portion contains the percentage of gross revenue to charge owner as a way to compensate for Credit Card fees.  Custom for Nordic.  For 2.4 percent enter 2.4 into data portion of sub-record.  In addition this will dynamically add a new field and question to the Room Master.  Field 22 in RDPDOS or Activate Credit Card Fee Checkbox in RDPWIN, in the Room Master (Win - Room Detail Tab) must be yes/or checkbox checked for this feature to calculate fee for owners.  This works in conjunction with switch 420-14.

Functionality: When checked and C1FLAT exists in the C1 table, the data portion of that record holds the percentage of gross revenue to charge the owner.  This percentage is charged for each reservation that the owner is receiving income from, regardless of whether there is a credit card payment or not.  Otherwise, the system charges the percentage stored on the credit card master and only charge the owner when there is a credit card on the reservation. 

When not checked (in RDPWIN), no credit card fee is processed, regardless of using C1Flat or the percentage on the credit card master.

DOS logic is a little different - If C1FLAT is not present, field 22 on the room master is disabled.  DOS only cares that there is a percentage on the CC master.

FF Form Feed Escape sequence. Use this only if the form feed escape sequence is not <27> <12> (Esc+12). Put the ASCII value of each character in the data field. Use 3 numbers for each character. For example "027012" or " 27 12" would be the same as the current default.  Maximum of 7 characters can be defined.
FOLBKT Special folio buckets - Data Items G1406-G1409
FOLCOD IF Tax code=TZ then use form code in sub-record not G9. Used for Canadian taxes (Mike Wetmore).
FOLIO The text in this sub-record replaces the header normally used on a folio
FOLIO- This will print a blank line below the description header instead of printing the 74 dashes (-----) when printing folios (RDP130D & RDP300).
FOLIOI When printing a folio, always default to "I" (Individual) even if there are no transactions or balance due.
EDATE European date format
GOLF Changes default from Normal to Golf when adding itinerary
GUAR Guaranteed Default for RDP102. Special Data: P=Prompt, Y=Yes N=No.
HABIT Turns on features for Habitat for long term billing from the reservation.
HAWAII Turns on the Hawaii tax feature for owners
ITIN9 Marks Ticket Qty Code on itineraries to X on all GOLF activities being copied to ALL group members. Pawley's
LT Long Term feature (Habitat)
LTTAX Amount of Days to use TZ tax code
MAXNTS Set SysSwitch%(6) = The maximum number of nights that an owner can use his the unit in any calendar year.
MCGF Override the normal GN and ON (#Days) market codes in RDP902 with MCOF the code in the data portion if the unit type is 100% occupied.
MENU Normally, the Menu program clears the type ahead keyboard buffer, so that users always end up at a standard menu screen. To allow type ahead, add this sub-record.
MINNTS Password to override Minimum number of nights.
MINRPT If this record exists, Reporter will start Minimized
MONTH Long Term - Day of Month rent is to be posted.
MORIDE Management override password - RDP100G
MOVE Prompts for password on the "Allow Move" reservation field and in RDP142 (<F7>) 
MRIDE2 Management override password to change room rate and room charge fields (100, 102 & 120E)
NO209 Prohibits use of 209-Reset Room Availability. (mr#1384)
NOCOMP RDP212 won't log zero room rate reservations. (For Loon Reservation Service)
NOLZ Turns off logic that checks room master lock-offs with the LZ table.  Added for the Lodge Tower.  See MR #001797  

5/17/2006 - Barry - This feature should not be given to any other customer as it will cause all "inventory" availability screens to be inaccurate. Yield management will not work, or cutoffs, or group blocks, or RDPWin rate change.  This is a Lodge Tower only feature.  We may want to someday expand it to be a "turn of all inventory related screens" and turn off all screens that are inaccurate.  Some VRS type customers may never want to see inventory related screens.

NORN Will bypass the NORN.xpl if the RN module is not installed.  See MR #001764 and article II00032.
NOSHOW Stats: The RDP902 program will count a room as occupied if a B200 code is posted on the departure date. This is used when a guest departs early and room charge for the departure date is posted. The first two characters of the data portion designate the a manual transaction code which will cause the room to be counted as occupied
if posted on the departure date of the reservation. This is in addition to B200.
NOTA Skip Travel Agent fields in RDP100 & RDP102
NOTIME Turns the RDP Clock Off
NOVELL Text in subrecord is displayed in the Old Novell Warning - "your RDP system will not be supported after xx/xx/xx"  See MR #001789 and article II00032.
NOVIEW Turns off the display and validation of Windows Servers and Printers in RDP096 - Option "W"
OVER Version 10.08 Only
Amount of rooms allowed to be overbooked before displaying Password or warning messages. NOTE: RDP100G will always issue password if entire availability is higher than 100%.
OWMAID Default cleaning code (Res type + Room type ) for 914 Owner cleaning fees program.  If the combination of Res type + Room type is not found in the EG (Comment 2) table then this default is used to post cleaning fee. 
OWNTRN Allow transfer of folio balance on owner reservations to the owner's account.
PAY5 5=Wire:  Description to replace "Wire" in the reservation payment line.  Only the first 6 characters will be used in the data field.  If "None" appears (not case sensitive), this option will not be displayed.
PAY6 6=Misc:  Description to replace "Misc" in the reservation payment line.  Only the first 6 characters will be used in the data field.  If "None" appears (not case sensitive), this option will not be displayed.
PKGACT Stores password to allow access to persons billed, cost, total cost, and pkg/extra field on an activity. These fields are normally set when the activity is added.
PKGDL Downloads package component information for all packages on a reservation at check-in time. This feature is for Grand Targhee Resort. This sub-record must hold the file path (if other than \RDP) and the file name.
PLANT Plantation Village: This allows transfer of the timeshare owner balance to a different resort.  It allows an "X" in "Generate Check" field on the owner master, which indicates the balance will be transferred to the specified resort.  The resort to be transferred to is designated in the C1PLANT data portion as "02" or "03" (without quotes).  6/1/99
PRNFOL Print Folio even though possible errors. Allows a folio to be printed even though there are possible BalErrors. Will flash error then prompt a question to print or not.  The test and warning for statements in RDP450 will also be skipped.
RESNUM The existence of this sub-record makes the system use the res number stored in HRESERVE.DAT header record. If it does not exist, the system finds the last res number from the existing reservations in file 80 & 90.  Format of record: ">500000" for reservation numbers greater than 500000.
RPMAX Maximum rate plans the yield mgmt will read into memory. If not there default=200. Min=10, Max=300
RSTAVL Turn on Reset Availability in RDPWin v3.0.006.04 or higher. Add RSTAVL subrecord with the value "On." Reset Availability differs from RDP995 in that it does not rebuild key files (currkeys, futrkeys or pastkeys).
RUNMOD This record determines which mode RDP will be running in.  Options include "Demo", "Production", "Reporting Only" and "RDPVail" (RDP Internal use only) modes.  All customers will generally run in Production mode or if using RDPWin for reporting only they may run in "Reporting Only" mode.
RV Allow Room Value Change. Normally, this field is 1 for a unit. This switch allows the user to enter any value. This does not work with Lock-offs.
SAVER The value in the data portion of this record is the number of minutes of idle time that will pass before the screen saver is invoked.  Idle time is defined as no movement of the RDP cursor.  Table SS contains the screen saver lines (9 maximum) that appear on the screen and can be changed by the customer.
SDC7 Used by RDP132 to track the last Reference Number used for the Southern DataComm CCard interface. It is comprised of the Resort#+Six digit number that is incremented. Example: 01000001
SEAS52 Version 11.00 Variable Packages: Allows 52 seasons instead of 26.
SMLPRT 1) Record to Compress Lasers (Byte location within SMLPRT is 9,8)
2) Record to Reset Lasers (Byte location within SMLPRT is 17,8)
3) Record to Compress Dot Matrix (Byte location within SMLPRT is 25,8)
4) Record to Reset Dot Matrix (Byte location within SMLPRT is 33,8)
START Used by RDP902 to determine the starting date
SWEPT Turns on "Swept Away Forecasting feature"  See MR #001799
TA2 Wiegle:  Allow entry of Travel Agent 2 without a Travel Agent 1.  Text "Travel Agent 2" is changed to "Tour Operator Name/Number".
TAXDEF First two characters is the unit default tax. The next two characters is the group master default tax. Both are for 200 adding only.
TRANS1 Allows transfer to both checked-in and checked-out guests.  Also need look option file "TRANS1.OPT".
TPAUSE Initial Time-out (in seconds)
TWORK Initial Work time (in seconds) for time-out functions
TXCODE RDP182 - Allows changes to RDP system codes
TYPE-S RDP100 - Allows an additional option and res type, "S" where the Data field is the description of the Res Type. This res type description should also be entered into the DQ table, sub-record "S".
UPDTBL Allows entry of sub-records in lowercase
UTSEQ Allows alternate sequence for unit types on yield management screen.  In byte 1, put the starting sequence type: 0-normal alpha numeric, 1, 2, or 3 which correspond to Table C2. The rest of the record is used to store the label for the alternate sequences used. The label can be up to 8 characters in length. Only fill in the label if that sequence is used. In byte 3, put the label for sequence 1.  In byte 12, enter the label for sequence 2, and in byte 21, add the label for sequence 3.
V9PATH Path of V9 data files. Used by V10 conversion programs.
V9DATE Stores the Version 9 period number during conversions.
VEND1 Allows pre-defined vendors when pressing <F8> at end of RDP100. The vendor numbers must be setup in this record every eight spaces.
VERT Vertical Feet feature for Wiegele Heli Ski. Vertical feet question will appear during C/O. Running total kept in Guest History.
VIPTX Turns on the Manor Vail feature of adding Txs based on the VIP Setting.
VPLUMP Allows Lump Sum pkgs for module RN in Version 11.00
VRS Various Features for Bart.
1) The check-in prompt in RDP120E and RDP100E is suppressed.
2) The system will stop at the room rate field in RDP100.
WARN1 Memory less than 530k message in RDP000.  Date in Description is drop-dead date.  This can be modified. Use mm-dd-yyyy format.  See article II00032.
WARN2 Btrieve Requester version less than Engine.  Date in Description is drop-dead date.  This can be modified. Use mm-dd-yyyy format.  See article II00032.
WARN3 Using Btrieve 6.1x to Pervasive 7.82.  Date in Description is drop-dead date.  This can be modified. Use mm-dd-yyyy format.  See article II00032.
WINNT Activates network features.  If on a NetWare network, this is not necessary since RDP makes a call to NetWare to verify the network connection.  On a NT only network, this activates features like record locking and other multi-user functions.
YARROW Version 11.00 Variable Rate Plan Yield Management Screen: Displays "Blk/Avl" heading for the availability.
YMOVER Separate password for "NOROOM" condition on yield mgmt screen. Use YMOVER password instead of MORIDE password. MORIDE then applies to CUTOFF, NOTA and ALLOC.
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