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Basic Error 62 Line: 1000 Module: Menu

Added 05/07/02
Article ID#: K000044


  1. <Enter> at the Resorts Screen
  2. Enter RDP Login Name and Password
  3. ** Basic Error 62** Line: 1000 Module: Menu


  1. Open a command prompt.  From a Win95/98 workstation go to Start | Programs | MS Dos Prompt.  From a Win2000 workstation go to Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt.
  2. Go the network drive where RDP is installed.  I.E. if RDP is on the F drive type F: <enter>, then CD \RDP <enter>.
  3. Type " TYPE RDPREV.TXT ".  Do not include the "". The file should look like:
  4. If it doesn't then delete the file with the following command:


    Note:  This is a non-critical RDP file that will be replaced during your next update.  However, this file may have become corrupted because of a virus. It is critical to eliminate the virus from your system.  See the Warning below.

WARNING:  Possible cause for this problem is corruption due to a virus.  

To test:

  1. Edit TEST.TXT.
  2. In the text file TYPE "Hello RDP"
  3. File.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. It should say "Hello RDP".
  7. If still ok, repeat step 5 every minute for 5 - 10 minutes.
  8. Eventually the file will either be blank or corrupted.
  9. Contact Network Administrator for removal of the virus.  

Note: The Klez Virus and variants has been reported to attack *.TXT files. 

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