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Microsoft NET Commands

Added 05/03/02  
Article ID#: K000043

Microsoft NET commands

NET CONFIG    Displays your current workgroup settings.
NET DIAG        Runs the Microsoft Network Diagnostics program to display diagnostic information about your network.
NET HELP Provides information about commands and error messages.
NET INIT    Loads protocol and network-adapter drivers without binding them to the Protocol manager.
NET LOGOFF  Breaks the connection between your computer and the shared resources to which it is connected.
NET LOGON Identifies you as a member of a workgroup.
NET PASSWORD Changes your password.
NET PRINT Displays information about print queues and controls print jobs.
NET START Starts services.
NET STOP Stops services.
NET TIME  Displays the time on or synchronizes your computer’s clock with the clock on a Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Windows 95, or Netware timeserver.
NET USE  Connects to or disconnects from a shared resource or displays information about connections.
NET VER   Displays the type and version number of the workgroup redirector you are using.
NET VIEW   Displays a list of computers that share resources or a list of shared resources on a specific computer.

For more information about a specific NET command, type the command followed by “/?”

Ex.:  NET VIEW /?  

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