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Basic Error 5 Line 4030 Module RDP150-150G-150E

Added 05/02/02
Article ID#: K000038


Steps for re-creating the error:

  1. Menu 2, 120, pull a future reservation.
  2. F8 to add an itinerary.
  3. Choose Golf activity.
  4. Enter a date as the New Round Date.
  5. **Basic Error 5** Line: 4030 Module: RDP150-150G-150E.


The seasonal calendar is not defined for the date of the golf activity you are trying to add.  

  1. Go to Menu 98, 186, Option 8.  F3 to list components.  
  2. Look at the Seasonal Table Column.  This could be C3, or Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, etc.  
  3. Once you've identified the Seasonal Table, <esc> back to Menu 98.  
  4. Go to 090, U to update, enter the appropriate table number, i.e. C3.
  5. S for sub-record, enter the sub-record as YYMM, where YY is the year of the activity you are trying to add and MM is the month.
  6. Field 1, Special Rate Days, correspond to the days of the month.  Define the missing day with a "Seasonal Letter"
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