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Document ID#:  K000021.htm
Added: July 10, 2001

If a rate plan on a reservation becomes corrupt due to external forces (hardware failures, power outages, etc.), the following error is issued in the RDP system.

Many times, the error is displayed while running the "362" - "View Current Occupancy Status" program, the "212" - "Global Post Room & Tax", or system arrival/departure reports.


Use the following steps for fixing this error.

  1. Download the PROBRP.EXE program (82 KB).
  2. When prompted by your browser, save the program to the RDP folder (i.e. - F:\RDP).
  3. Login to the RDP system.
  4. From the RDP Main Functions menu, enter the command, PROBRP.
  5. Enter option "1" - "Find Invalid Rate Plans".
  6. Print the report or view it on the screen.
  7. After the program identifies problem rate plans, access the problem reservation with option 120.
  8. Use power user option "A" to adjust the room rate on the reservation.
  9. Normally, to fix the reservation, simply arrow down to the next rate plan and then arrow back up to the appropriate rate plan.
  10. File the change.
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