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Defining Season Surcharges

Added 2/28/00
Article ID#:  K000014

Use table C5 and field #10 in the Package and Rate Plan definition screen in order to add a "season surcharge" to any room only rate plan or package.  A season surcharge is an additional dollar amount that is added to the rate set defined in option 186-4.  For example, assume the AAA rate plan is available all year.  However, during a property's busy month of March, an additional $5 is added.  Use the following steps for implementing a season surcharge for the AAA rate plan in March.

  1. Define the season corresponding to March in the C3 table.  In the sample C3 table below, March is defined as season "B".

  2. Set the "season surcharge", field #10, in option "186-1" - "Configure Room Only Rate Plans" to "Y".  (The season surcharge field for package rate plans is stored in option 186-2)

  3. Configure the C5 table, including:

A. RDP Add a new sub-record to table C5.  The sub-record directly corresponds to the season.  In this example, March is season "B", therefore sub-record "B" is added to table C5.
B. Enter a description for the surcharge in field #1, i.e. - March Surcharge.
C. Enter the surcharge dollar amount in field #2.  By entering "5" (no quotes), five dollars will be added to the AAA rate plan during season B (assuming the "season surcharge" field is set to YES).
D. Enter beginning and ending dates in fields three and four, respectively.  Note that beginning and ending dates are entered as "YYYYMMDD", i.e. - 20000301 for March 1, 2000.
E. Complete the "Rule Flag" in field #5 using the following guidelines:
EntryRDP Description
Blank By leaving the "Rule Flag" field blank, the season surcharge is always added to the calculated rate provided the "season surcharge" field on the rate plan or package is set to "Y" (option 186-1 or 186-2).
W "Weekend".  With a "W" in field #5, the system automatically adds the surcharge amount to reservations arriving on:
  1. Fridays for two nights or less
  2. Saturdays for one night
H "Holiday".  With an "H" in field #5, the system automatically adds the surcharge amount to reservations arriving on:
  1. Friday for three nights or less
  2. Saturday for two nights or less
  3. Sunday for one night

A completed C5 sub-record is seen below.

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