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RDP DOS - Room Rate Sets, Single Occupancy, and Sharewiths

Added 8/12/99
Article ID#: K000013

When defining room rate sets in option 186-4, develop room charges for single occupancy reservations. For example, if the room portion of a golf package is $50 based on double occupancy, but $45 for single occupancy, add a room rate set for single occupancy.

With a single occupancy room rate set defined, a "Golf - Single Occupancy" package can be created. With this package defined, reservationists have the option of selecting the single person package, as opposed to overriding the rate for double occupancy.

Similarly, when guests are sharing a room and are on the same package, define the package rate set for a single person, as opposed to a double occupancy rate. For example, if two adults are sharing a room and require individual folios, each receives the "double occupancy" rate. In order to achieve this, define rate sets starting with one person, even if the package is based on double occupancy. With the rate set defined for one person, the reservationist simply chooses the "double occupancy" golf package for each sharewith reservation and the system calculates the rate based on the single person room rate.

Scenario #1 - One Person in the Room on a Golf Package

Mr. Jones is arriving Thursday, November 1 for three nights. Mr. Jones is playing golf and wants to book the "Two Day/Three Night Golf Package". When the reservationist books Mr. Jones' reservations, the following rate plans are available:

Package "GFSI" - "2Dy/3Nt - Single" uses a rate set of "SING", where the single occupancy rate is defined for one bedroom units (displayed below):

Scenario #2 - Two People Share a Room on the Golf Package

Mr. Smith and Mr. Lee are sharing a room and both are booked on the "3Dy/2Nt Golf Package". In this scenario, the guests receive the discounted rate based on double occupancy. And, instead of the rate plan for single occupancy being assigned, the double occupancy package is assigned to each.

The system calculates the rates based on the rate set assigned to rate plan "GFDO". In this example, the rate set is "DOUB", seen below for both one and two people.

The "DOUB" rate set for one adult appears above, while the same rate set for two people appears below. The price for a single is exactly half of the double price. Whereas the price for the single occupancy rate set is slightly higher than half. The double occupancy package is used for sharewiths or when two people are sharing the same room but require only one folio, i.e. - a husband and wife.


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