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Group Leaders vs. Group Masters

What is a Group?

A group can be a batch of reservations for a bus tour, a wedding, conference, a company which sends individuals to the property over a period of time, or an account used strictly for billing purposes, such as catering and meeting functions. Each of these scenarios have different requirements within RDP. The first step in choosing the correct process is to realize the different scenarios.

Within RDP, there is a hierarchy for group billing:

  1. The Group Master - Needed for any city ledger account (a company), any group that needs a room block, any group whose reservations will be made in a batch using the Group Reservations program or any group which requires statistical tracking.
  2. Group Leader - A critical component of a "true group," i.e. - a family reunion or wedding The group leader reservation allows group check-in, group check-out, printing a group folio prior to check-out, and true tracking of advance deposits.
  3. Group Member - A group member is a reservation that is part of a batch but not the group leader. The transactions on a group member may be billed to the group master, group leader, or paid individually.

The diagram below illustrates the "group hierarchy."

Group pay codes are assigned to each level of the hierarchy. If there is a group master and a group leader on a reservation, RDP first looks to the master for pay code. If it can bill the master, the process stops. If the system finds the pay code "IP" - Individual Pays, it looks to the leader reservation and does the same check. If it again finds the IP code, the system bills the group member for the charge.

Group Diagram

group diagram

Group Master vs. Group Leader

Determining when to use group masters, group leaders, both or neither is a critical step in the reservation process. Billing, confirmations, group display, and many other features are dependent upon this set-up.

Following are guidelines to help determine if a group master, group leader, both, or neither is needed for a group or batch of reservations. Place a check mark next to the items that pertain to this group.

  • If you check features from just the group master list, use only a group master for the reservation.
  • If you check features from just the group leader list, use only a group leader.
  • If items are checked from both lists, use both a group master and a group leader.

Group Master Check List

  • Statistical information tracked and displayed by Module RC - Statistics

  • Billing to be done after check-out.
  • Detail about specific charges is not required for billing. (A "one line total" for each reservation is sufficient)
  • Make group reservations
  • Group allocation (room block) needed
  • Special default rate plan and/or market code required
  • Confirmation sent to a company/group mailing address on a regular basis
  • Hide group master charges posted to individuals but billed to the master

Group Leader Check List

  • Group Check-in
  • Group Check-out
  • Group Cancel
  • Display reservations together on group display screen
  • Sharewith reservations
  • Reserve additional rooms (duplicating reservations and comments)
  • Automatic billing of charges from group members to group leader at check-out
  • Detail billing of charges with 6 different methods of printing

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