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Day Count Override Codes and Report 558

Added 3/16/00
Article ID#: K000009

"Day Count Override" codes directly effect the "558" - "Owner MTD/YTD Recap" recap report found on the Statistical Reports menu (4).  Report 558 recaps reservation nights by market code.  For most properties, owners do not need a specific breakdown of each market code found in Table CF.  A recap of "Paying Guests", "Owner Use", "Guest of Owner Use", and "Maintenance Nights" is sufficient.  By implementing "Day Count Overrides", several market codes accrue to one category, i.e. - "Paying Guests".  With this feature active, the property receives accurate counts of reservations by specific market codes (i.e. - Walk-Ins, Leisure, Business, Trade Show) and the owner recap report (558) is simplified by grouping several market codes into the heading "Paying Guest".  Most properties also include a recap of owner nights, guest of owner nights, and maintenance nights.  Report 558 initially contains only the "Paying Guest" category.  In order to implement "Day Count Overrides" and include the additional report categories, use the steps below.

  1. Review table "DC" - "Day Count Override Codes".  The standard codes are displayed below.

  2. Assign "Day Count Override" codes from table DC to each market code found in table CF.  For example, all market codes assigned to regular guests are assigned to the "PN" - "Paying Guest" day count override code.  (Owners are assigned to "ON", Guest of Owners to "GN", and Maintenance nights to "XN".)

  3. Copy report 558 prior to making any changes.  For example, use the DOS copy command below.

  4. Open report 558 in a text editor, Notepad is used below.  The report is stored in the \RDP\FORMS folder and is named FOR558.FOR.
  5. Position your cursor at the end of the "Paying Guest" line.

  6. Press the <ENTER> key three times in order to create three blank lines.

  7. Highlight the entire "Paying Guest" line and copy it to the three blank lines below.  The report section now appears as:

  8. Change the "Day Count" code and description for the three new lines to reflect "Owner Use" (ON), "Guest of Owner Use" (GN), and "Maintenance Nights" (XN).

  9. Save the updated report.
  10. "Day Count" totals are generated when closing the day as part of the RDP902 program.
  11. Revenue and number of nights by "Day Count" code can be viewed with option "502" - "Inquire on Owner History" on the Owner Master menu (12).  Use the following steps to display "Day Count" totals in option 502.

    A. Select option 502 from the Owner Master menu.
    B. Enter an owner name or number.
    C. Press <F9> to toggle the display to the number of nights.
    D. The default "Day Count" code is "ON" - "Owner Use".  To change this code, use option "1" - "Change the day count code displayed".
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