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Adding a Minimum Nights Override Password

Added 08/15/98 - Article ID#: K000004

With RDP version 11.00 and higher, it is possible to add a minimum number of nights requirement for certain arrival dates. For example, assume a property in a busy ski town requires a three night stay over New Year’s Eve. This property would have a QZ (Reservation Minimum Days) table similar to the following:

Sub-Record 9812 in the QZ table above requires a three night stay for guests arriving December 29, 30, and 31. However, many times reservations managers may make exceptions for certain units or individuals based on availability or other outstanding circumstances. In these situations, it is helpful to have a management override on the minimum number of nights required.

In order to add a management override password for these circumstances, add sub-record MINNTS to the C1 table, with the password entered in field #1, Special Data. With MINNTS added, the system prompts for a password whenever the minimum number of nights requirement is not met:

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