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Checkout with Balance Due Password

Added 08/15/98 - Article ID#:  K000003

Most properties do not check guests out with a balance due. In order to ensure that guests are not checked out with a balance due, add sub-record BALREQ to the C1 table. BALREQ requires a password in RDP131 prior to checking out any guest whose balance due is greater than zero.

  1. From the RDP Main Functions menu, choose option 98, the System Manager menu.
  2. From the System Manager menu, choose option "090" - "Update System Tables".
  3. Choose option "U" - "Update System Tables".
  4. At the table number prompt, enter "C1".
  5. Now, the following prompt appears:

  6. Enter S for Sub-record.
  7. Add the sub-record "BALREQ".
  8. Add the password to field number 1, Special Data.
  9. Enter F to File the sub-record.

After adding sub-record BALREQ to the C1 table and entering the password in field #1, Special Data, the system displays the following prompt during check-out (if the balance due is greater than zero):

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