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Adding an Overbooking Password

Added 08/15/98 - Article ID#: K000001

In order to require a password prior to overbooking the property, add sub-record "MORIDE" to the C1 table.

  1. From the RDP Main Functions menu, choose option 98, the System Manager menu.
  2. From the System Manager menu, choose option "090" - "Update System Tables".
  3. Choose option "U" - "Update System Tables".
  4. At the table number prompt, enter "C1".
  5. Now, the following prompt appears:

  6. Enter S for Sub-record.
  7. Add the sub-record "MORIDE".
  8. Add the password to field number 1, Special Data.

File the sub-record. With MORIDE added to the C1 table, the system displays the following prompt in RDP100 when choosing a unit type with zero available rooms:

Having MORIDE (Management Override) active, the password (MPK) is required before continuing with the overbooking reservation.

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