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Added: 01/10/13
Article ID#: KC00022

Crystal Reports with Non-Numeric (A00001) Reservation Numbers, One Millionth Res
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Once the reservation numbers in RDP surpass 999,999, letters are used as the 1st character of the number. For example, the first reservation number after 999,999 is A00001. This is due to the size limitation of the reservation number field having 6 characters. Certain Crystal Reports, such as Folios or Confirmations may be configured to look for a numeric reservation number only. This causes the report to not display any reservation numbers with a letter in the number.

To correct the Crystal Report to display non-numeric reservation numbers:

  1. Open the appropriate report in Crystal Reports.
  2. Click Report from the top menu --> Select Expert --> Record. 
  3. Select the HReserve.ResNumNumeric tab --> delete the line below that shows {HReserve.ResNumNumeric} = {?ResNum}. Click OK.

    Select Expert

  4. From the Field Explorer (View --> Field Explorer), expand Parameters --> right click on ResNum parameter --> click Edit.
  5. Change the Type drop down to String.

    Edit parameter

  6. Click Report --> Select Expert --> Record --> select HReserve.ResNum.
  7.  Add the following line to the HReserve.ResNum:
    {HReserve.ResNum} = Right(Space(6) + Trim({?ResNum}), 6)
  8. Select Expert

  9. Click OK.
  10. Save the report.
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