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Added: 07/10/12
Article ID#: KC00021

Insert Hyperlink into Crystal Report
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Hyperlinks can be inserted into text objects, images, data items, etc. in a Crystal Report. Clicking the link will open the linked web page in a browser.

To insert a hyperlink in Crystal Report

  1. Open the appropriate report in Crystal Designer.
  2. Select the text object, image, data item, etc. in the report for which to add the hyperlink. .
  3. Right click on the item and select Format Text (for text objects), Format Field (for data items), or Format Graphic (for images). Note: The Format option displays the grid icon Format icon

    Format Text

  4. Click the Hyperlink tab.
  5. Select the radio button for Website on the Internet (for a link to a webpage), An E-mail Address, or A File.
  6. In the Website Address field, enter the address for the link.
  7. Click OK and then Save the report.


  8. Preview the report in RDPWin to make sure the link is working properly.

    Crystal Report

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