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Added: 02/17/11 MC/JK
Article ID#: KC00020

Missing Indexes on Crystal Report
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Crystal Reports uses indexes to find records faster. Without indexes reports take longer to run and display data.

To check if indexes exist on a report, open the appropriate report in Crystal Designer --> Database --> Database Expert --> click the Links tab. If there are colored icons in front of a record, then the indexes exist.

Links Tab  

If indexes are not present, follow the steps below to add:

  1. Open the appropriate report in Crystal Designer.
  2. Database --> Set Data Source Location.
  3. Change the Data File Path. If it is currently an ODBC connection, then convert it back to Pervasive Driver by selecting a Replace With option from the bottom half of the screen. Click on the Database icon on the top section of the screen and click the Update button. If the report is already a Pervasive connection, then change the Pervasive connection to the appropriate path (i.e. ..\..\file.ddf  or a direct path to the data r:\rdp\file.ddf).

  4. Click the Close button.
  5. Go to Database --> Verify Database.
  6. Click  NO to Remove Files if errors are reported. Do not remove files, as this will break the report. Correct the data source location path in step 3 and repeat step 5. Click OK once the Verify Database is complete.
  7. Go to Database --> Database Expert.
  8. Click in the Links tab and verify that the links exist.
  9. Click OK. Do not X out.
  10. Change the Data Source location back to the original connection before step 3 was completed.
  11. Save the report.
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