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Convert Crystal Reports to Use ODBC
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Added: 2/13/08 SS
Updated:  06/10/10 DM/SS
Article ID#:    KC00016

Problem Overview

Crystal Reports that use the Notes and Comment fields may be problematic with RDPWin. This is due to Crystal under supporting Btrieve/Pervasive Connections.
If a report with the Notes and Comments file stops displaying all records, rebuild the report using ODBC. If a report take a long time to run, rebuild it using ODBC and it may run faster.


Convert Crystal reports to use ODBC to fix any calculation issues and speed up the reporting process.

  1. Open Crystal and select a report to open in Design view.  Crystal Reports Version for CR Developer was used for these examples.

    Note:  Reports that use the Totals, OTotals, Journal or Forecast files should not be converted.  These files are not ODBC compliant.

    Set data location

  2. From the Database main menu, select Set Database Location.
  3. Expand the History and Current Connections folders.
  4. When an ODBC connection in History or Current Connections is not present: 
    1. Expand the Create New Connection folder.
    2. Expand the ODBC (RDO) folder within the Create New Connection folder to open the ODBC (RDO) screen.


    3. Select the "Enter Connection String" radio button.
    4. Enter the connection string as Driver=Pervasive ODBC Client Interface;ServerName=xxx;dbq=rdp01 where xxx is your computer name).


    5. Click Finish.
  5. In the "Current Data Source" section of the screen, highlight "..\..\file.ddf", and in the Replace With section, select the "Driver=Pervasive ODBC Client Interface;ServerName=xxx;dbq=rdp01" just defined in the ODBC folder.

    set data location

  6. Click Update.
  7. Repeat Step 5 and 6 for each "..\..\file.ddf" in the Current Data Source section.

    set data location

  8. Close the Set Datasource Location screen.
  9. Save and close the report.
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