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Description field in Asset file causes an endless loop

Added 9/11/2006 - Article ID#: KC00014


Problem Overview

In Crystal Reports 10, the Description field in the Asset file causes the report to be in an endless loop.  The Description field works correctly with the Number, and Cost fields, but if any other field is added, the report doesn't work.



This is a work-around solution, since we don't have a solution from Crystal yet:

  1. Open the report in Crystal Designer
  2. Update RDPWin to revision 1.254 or higher
  3. Replace the description field by inserting sub report AssetDesc from the ZSubReports folder.
  4. Link Asset.Number from the main report to Asset.Number in the sub report.
  5. The sub report only prints the Description, so you can fit it on the line where you currently had the Description field.
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