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How to Print Resort Property Name on Crystal Report

Added 10/02/2002 - Article ID#: KC00005


Problem Overview

Customer has multiple data directories and wants to print the property name for the specified directory at the top of a Crystal Report.



In order to solve this problem with the current RDP Crystal DDF files, use the following steps:

  1. Open the report.
  2. Create a new parameter using Insert | Parameter | New.
  3. In this example, the parameter is named "PropertyName" and it has the qualities listed in steps 4 - 6.
  4. The prompting text is "Please select property name".
  5. The value type is "String".
  6. Click the "Set Default Values" button and enter the property names under "Select or enter value to add".  In this example, for Mike Wetmore at Mountain Park Lodges, the values were his property names, i.e. - The Marmot Lodge, Lobstick Lodge, and Amethyst Lodge.  Click the "Add" button after entering each property.
  7. After entering the property names, click "OK" and save the new parameter.
  8. Use Insert | Parameter and insert the new parameter at the point where the property name should print (usually the top of the report).  
  9. Format the text to appear as a heading, i.e. - Bold, Underline, etc.
  10. When printing the report, the customer first selects the data directory using RDP Reporter.  After selecting the data directory in Reporter, a new tab appears in the "Enter Parameter Values" window - PropertyName.  The values entered in step #6 above appear as valid choices.
  11. The choice selected in step #10 appears on the report.
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