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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy Software from RDP?

Why should you buy property management software from Resort Data Processing?  This website is filled with many potential reasons, but there are five overriding philosophies that make RDP unique.

  1. RDP helps you generate significantly more revenue.
  2. Our software adapts to the needs of the customer; not vice-versa.
  3. We provide an unprecedented level of control of the configuration of the system and presentation of your data.  Our philosophy is to allow customers to easily change reports, screens, confirmations, folios, statements and more, without calling RDP.
  4. We are a small company which provides personal service and direct contact with top management to get things done quickly.
  5. RDP has been in business over 25 years.  We know what we're doing.  We are a very solid company financially, so we will be here in the future to support and improve the system.

See "Why buy from RDP" for details.

What is the Status of RDPWin?

Resort Data Processing's software for property management is called RDPWin and is a complete "Windows" property management system, using Microsoft's ".Net" technology.  It is often difficult to explain a complex technology like ".Net".  The simple explanation is that ".Net" has all the power of a traditional Windows program, and much more.  For an overview of RDPWin click here.

What New Modules are in Development?

RDP is working on a variety of new modules based on our RDPWin Windows technology.  Please click here for a complete list of new modules.


What is the Global Distribution System (GDS)?

The Global Distribution System can be loosely defined as the thousands of booking websites available on the Internet for use by travel agents and guests to make reservations.  RDP has created the RDPConnect program to  maximize revenue from the Global Distribution System, Internet Marketing, and Direct Travel Websites.   As individual, independent properties, RDP customers do not have buying power available to franchise hotels.  However, as an alliance, RDP customers represent over 200,000 rooms per night, a number that brings enormous synergy and leverage.  Read more about RDPConnect and the Global Distribution System.

Which Forms are Used for Folios, Registration Cards, etc.?

Resort Data Processing's printing partner, RDP Forms, creates custom pre-printed folios, registration cards, confirmations, checks, coupons, tickets, and statement forms.  RDP Forms are easily integrated into the RDP Property Management System.  For a complete RDP Forms catalog, please contact RDP Sales.  

View sample forms

What is Pervasive Software and Where is it Sold?

RDP's property management system requires the Pervasive.SQL database from Pervasive Software, one of the fastest and most reliable client-server databases available. Pervasive software can be purchased directly from RDP by calling call RDP Sales.

Details on purchasing the Pervasive software

Can Guests Make Reservations Over the Internet?

The Internet connects over 400 million computers worldwide. E-Commerce has tremendous potential for dramatically increasing hospitality bookings. With Resort Data Processing's (RDP) Internet Reservation Module (IRM), millions of potential guests, groups and travel agents can check hotel availability and make reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


What are RDP's support hours and holidays?

RDP Support is open 7AM to 6PM (mountain time zone) Monday through Friday, as well as optional 24 hour/365 day support to cover non business hours.  The support phone number is 970-845-7108.

View a list for a list of holidays and 24 hour support options

How Does RDP to Send Mass E-mails to Past Guests?

The RDP property management system tracks a unique e-mail address for each guest.  Mass e-mails can be sent to all guests, or to certain guests based on various parameters.  For example, send an e-mail to all guests that have not made a reservation in the last six months.  Or send an e-mail to all guests from California.   The RDP property management system can send thousands of e-mails with minutes, using only a few mouse clicks.  Benefits include:

  • Instantaneous delivery without postage.
  • Easily alert past guests of property specials and/or news without printing letters and attaching labels.
  • Send mass e-mails to all, or part of, your guest history database.
  • Use targeted guest history mailings to reach specific past guest markets.
  • Deliver confirmation changes with the click of a mouse!

Information about installing and using RDP's e-mail features

Which Printers are Compatible with RDP?

For many years, printing from the RDP property management system was relatively simple.  Customers purchased any printer, connected it to a printer port, and began printing.  Unfortunately as more features have been added to printers, printing has become a very complex topic.  All printers no longer work with RDP.   Since there are over 1,000 printers on the market it is not possible for RDP to create a list of all printers that will work.

Information about testing and installing printers

What is the status of RDP supporting Novell NetWare?

RDP's current property management system runs on Novell NetWare, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 data servers.  However, RDP's product development is focused on RDPWin, a ".Net Windows based" property management system.  Ideally, RDP would develop RDPWin under both Novell and Windows 2003/2008.  However, this is not technically possible. RDPWin can only be used with Windows peer-to-peer networks, or with a Windows 2003/2008 Server.  See "RDP hardware requirements".  

Customers currently running NetWare or Windows NT data servers should consider converting to Windows 2003/2008 server the next time a server upgrade is required. See RDP & Novell NetWare for details.

How Do I Update RDP?

RDP spends over $1,000,000 each year on R&D to improve the system.  Updates are included for all RDP customers as part of the standard support contract.  Updates are available from our software downloads and documentation page.

If I Refer Another Property to RDP, Can I Earn a Commission?

Many RDP new sales are a direct result of referrals from our current customers.  We greatly appreciate this business and have developed a referral program.  RDP pays a 10% "finders fee" for any referral that turns into a sale, directly to the person who makes the referral, not their company.  With an average software price of $25,000, this can result in a $2,500 commission, or more.  

Details on the RDP referral program

When is the Next Customer Conference in Vail?

For over 20 years RDP has customer conferences in Vail, Colorado.  The conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the RDP system, as well as help plan the future direction of RDP.  Each year over 200 customers attend, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with other hospitality professionals.  Please call RDP Sales for the dates of the next conference.

Which Interfaces Does RDP Have (Call Accounting, etc.)?

RDP interfaces with a wide variety of third party devices, as well as the Global Distribution System (GDS)..  For an overview of all interfaces, click here.

Can Credit Cards Process Using High Speed Internet?

Yes, high speed Credit Card processing is now available.  RDP, in conjunction with Protobase, now offers credit card authorizations in less than six seconds, using an Internet Connection instead of a modem.  Use the links below for more information.

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